Monday, May 12, 2014

Brooke and Blake. Engagement Photos.

I love LOVE. And I really love taking photos of people in love. Engagement photos are pretty much the best ~ the people you are photographing are always happy, that's for sure!

 photo BrookeandBlake_0013_zps69753932.jpg
 photo bb02_zps8f976408.jpg
 photo BrookeandBlake_0052_zps99fc44e5.jpg
 photo bb03_zps9bf73193.jpg
 photo BrookeandBlake_0107_zps8dce7363.jpg
 photo bb04_zps3815a4ec.jpg
 photo BrookeandBlake_0071_zps08525d90.jpg  photo bb05_zps6a30e9ec.jpg
 photo BrookeandBlake_0134_zpsac3e9186.jpg
 photo bb06_zpsf2b34362.jpg
 photo bb07_zps9c80e05e.jpg  photo BrookeandBlake_0149bw_zps20823ea6.jpg  photo bb08_zps96995c8c.jpg  photo bb15_zps2b11e5f7.jpg  photo bb10_zps0b560d85.jpg  photo BrookeandBlake_0302_zpsfe66a505.jpg  photo bb11_zps14d68686.jpg  photo bb12_zpse34529f0.jpg  photo bb13_zps5ca42dfa.jpg  photo bb14_zpsba161238.jpg  photo bb09_zps86d74b16.jpg

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Zach. Spring Senior Photos.

In the fall I shot Zach's yearbook photos {see them at THIS link}. Then this spring we got together again for some end-of-year photos to be used in his graduation announcements. I loved shooting at both the beginning and the end of the year and seeing how much Zach changed over the course of the year. It was definitely a lot of fun to split the session up this way. I highly recommend it for seniors!

 photo zach1_zps814abc0f.jpg
 photo zach2_zpsad92b5b1.jpg
 photo ZachSpring_0049_zpsd2d1abb2.jpg
 photo zach3_zps5aa7d8c0.jpg
 photo zach4_zpsae09ea4b.jpg
 photo zach5_zps3acf7162.jpg
 photo zach6_zps41fd2873.jpg
 photo zach7_zpse8c1c8f6.jpg
 photo zach8_zps2b67b8d3.jpg

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cakewalk Shop

Sometimes my photography jobs are just plain yummy. Like this shoot for my favorite cake company The Cakewalk Shop to introduce their new dessert tables for weddings. Because I got to go home with LOTS of leftovers. Mmmm.

 photo Cakewalk2014_0004_zps03627562.jpg
 photo cakewalk3_zps368718c6.jpg

The detail on their cakes always amazes me:

 photo Cakewalk2014_0023_zps8db68f87.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0151_zps0d9c1238.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0053_zpsa7a761a9.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0034_zps383b8f45.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0022_zps446be2e8.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0084_zps6168446e.jpg
 photo cakewalk1_zpsa566568f.jpg
 photo cakewalk2_zps2a336c5b.jpg
 photo Cakewalk2014_0033_zps294b5cfd.jpg

Hungry yet?!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Eryn. Teen Photos.

... and speaking of people that I love to pieces ... there is THIS girl. She is an angel who frequently comes and plays with my little kiddos so I can get things done. I am so grateful for all she does for me! She just turned 13, so of course a super special teen photo shoot was in order.

 photo eryn1_zps364005f9.jpg
 photo eryn3_zpsbe8f3344.jpg
 photo Eryn_0051_zpsff4423c5.jpg
 photo eryn4_zpsce2b4b10.jpg
 photo eryn2_zps07fc3633.jpg

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alderson Family Photos

I can always count on having a blast when I photograph this family. I just love them to pieces.

 photo Alderson2014_0034_zps0fbfface.jpg photo Alderson2014_0020_zps3023b892.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0049_zps1ba4a1e3.jpg
 photo alderson2_zps6ca1c571.jpg
 photo alderson1_zps622634a5.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0084bw_zps52d50e1a.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0118_zps1552f831.jpg
 photo alderson3_zps774f2199.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0120bw_zpsc31ec2fb.jpg
 photo alderson5_zpsb659e1e6.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0162_zpsba88e7c8.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0163bw_zps3ab15924.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0185_zpsdc017718.jpg
 photo alderson4_zps71dceb92.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0213bw_zps83e9b433.jpg
 photo alderson6_zps592a0a4f.jpg
 photo Alderson2014_0012_zps98d61f69.jpg

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