Monday, September 20, 2010

Mine on Monday: Flashback to June

Most photographers rave about Lightroom. And I have to admit I kind of scoffed and said stuff such as "I know how to edit using Bridge and ACR lightning fast. I don't have time to learn a new program. It can't really be as amazing as they say it is." But still, I kept feeling like I must be missing something because it seems like everyone uses Lightroom these days. And so when I went to After Dark, one of my goals was to figure out what all the fuss was about. So I pulled one of the mentors aside and had a little one-on-one Lightroom training. And saw that okay, just maybe, it might be a little faster.

So I came home, and decided to really give it a try. I purchased some presets from Kubota, took a deep breath, and opened up those photos from months ago that have been taunting me from my hard drive. And now I have to confess that I have become one of the believers. In ONE AFTERNOON I was able to edit two months worth of personal pictures and 4 client sessions. Um, that would normally take me about a month at my previous speed. So maybe I'm not as fast as I thought I was. And maybe Lightroom really IS all it is cracked up to be. Now I still love Photoshop, but I can certainly see how Lightroom can be a great beginning so you do less in Photoshop. And seein' as I've only been trying it out for a few days now I'm sure there is plenty I have to learn. But it has been fun. With that long explanation out of the way, todays Mine on Monday picture comes from JUNE. 'Cause that's how far behind I've been on personal pictures. But wasn't this picture of my little sweetie worth the wait?

She looks quite serious here, as if she's pondering something quite important. Too bad she only knows about 5 words and can't let us know what's going on in that little brain of hers!

If I keep up this editing pace, I'm hoping to show off Back to School pics next Monday ... 'cause I got some seriously cute ones this year! Stay tuned!


Anonymous December 4, 2010 at 2:26 PM  

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

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