Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Korthase Family Photos

What a crazy adventure these photos were ~ we went to a new (fantastic!) location ... but were plagued by bad traffic, construction, fading light, and then we were witnesses to a bike accident and had to wait for an ambulance to come before we could ever really get going. I'm amazed with all the drama at the beginning that we were able to shake it all off and just have a great time together. AND produce some images that I just absolutely love. Maybe I work better under pressure?! I'd still rather not repeat all the craziness again!

 photo Korthase_0321_zpsa56d4d30.jpg
 photo Korthase5_zps1b39054b.jpg
 photo Korthase_0155_zps893efd20.jpg
 photo Korthase3_zps916ca965.jpg
 photo Korthase_0226_zpscc407d59.jpg
 photo Korthase_0240_zpsaf3fa350.jpg
 photo Korthase4_zps14fbc92e.jpg
 photo Korthase1_zpsfa617d90.jpg
 photo Korthase2_zpsbac9b268.jpg
 photo Korthase_0351_zps8506a149.jpg
 photo Korthase_0367_zps53b0bde4.jpg


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