Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Madeline. Newborn photos.

I know I've said it again and again ... but I really love taking newborn pictures. It is just so much fun spending time with these beautiful little babies. Can this little girl be any sweeter?!

 photo madeline4-1_zps778064d7.jpg
 photo Madeline_0089_zps825c4ee3.jpg
 photo Madeline_0379_zps2da0d4ae.jpg
 photo Madeline_0374_zpsca1d4c25.jpg
 photo Madeline_0362_zps258f571d.jpg
 photo Madeline_0308_zpse2807b02.jpg
 photo Madeline_0092_zps7a59e98c.jpg
 photo madeline5-1_zpsb3e47a37.jpg
 photo Madeline_0333_zps7a1f90b9.jpg
 photo Madeline_0278bw_zpsdb5d0074.jpg
 photo Madeline_0037_zps91bdae47.jpg
 photo Madeline_0046bw_zps39a27ab4.jpg
 photo Madeline_0060-2_zps099e3ca3.jpg
 photo madeline2-1_zps3d79fe7a.jpg
 photo madeline1-1_zps9fa72e48.jpg
 photo Madeline_0147_zps9bbbaf82.jpg
 photo Madeline_0162_zpsa132e3ea.jpg
 photo Madeline_0151_zps447ced19.jpg
 photo madeline3-1_zpsf68fa686.jpg
 photo Madeline_0173_zps4d657d0f.jpg

This little girl was born a week before Christmas, so you can guarantee we did some holiday-themed set-ups! I was so excited to try out this little sleigh:

 photo madeline7-1_zps6a3a8631.jpg
 photo madeline8_zps302825ae.jpg
 photo Madeline_0131_zps4c5d2f7b.jpg
 photo madeline6-1_zpsee660fef.jpg

I think I'm in love. Do you think her mom would notice if I "borrowed" her for a lengthy period of time? Like a few years? Ha ha ha.


JaNae February 6, 2013 at 10:45 AM  

Sorry, but I think her mommy and daddy would notice if she disappeared for awhile. Great shots, as usual. :) Congrats on the addition to your family-she's a definate angel.

Naomi Alderson February 6, 2013 at 7:32 PM  

You Tate sisters make us short brown haired people jealous! :D what a beautiful family and as always Heidi, your pictures are sheer art! I thought this baby looked a bit like Hannah! And I loved the little Santa folded up on herself pose, little feet sticking out! Cute!

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