Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I challenge you.

Your challenge

should you choose to accept it
{take a deep breath}

is to go to your computer

find all those digital photos
and {are you ready for this?}

And then ... take those piles of photos ...

... and DO something with them. Put them in an album. Scrapbook. Make a collage and hang it up. Even organize them in a nice photo box. Anything! The options are limitless.

I spent all Sunday afternoon putting pictures in photo albums (you can find the kind I use here) and had so much fun walking down memory lane. The photos aren't perfect. But they aren't supposed to be. They are snapshots. Little snippets of our lives. And I am so happy that I have them. Not just stuck in a folder on the computer, but in an album that I can flip through to my heart's content. I still have quite a few more pictures that I need to go through (I had to run to the store first thing Monday morning to buy two more albums!) ... and probably at least 1000 more to print ... but I'm determined to get caught up.

Do you accept the challenge? Feel free to leave a comment as a sign of your commitment! Who knows, maybe I'll follow up on you to make sure you really do it :).


Regina White March 3, 2011 at 7:43 AM  

I always think I need to edit my photos and yes they are all in an album. My son is 3 now and I have only newborn photos printed. So bad. But I think I will try to do your challenge and do a few months at a time.

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