Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have had a little too much fun going prop shopping lately. I'm quite excited about some of my latest finds:

Like this cute red suitcase ... and that bright yellow chair ...

and this fun glittery crown... I can totally imagine my daughter carrying this around in a photo shoot ...

... and this vintage desk. My parents had one of these in our playroom when I was young and I've wanted to steal it from their house ever since I launched my photography business. Turns out I don't have to sneak it out of their home in the cover of night because I found my own at goodwill for only $19. I already have a great idea of how I can use this in some pics of my oldest son. SO fun!

And speaking of props, I had a few people leave comments with some questions, so I figured this post is as good as any to answer them!

"I LOVE the headbands. Especially the orange and brown one, and the teal one... ok, and the lime green one! Care to share where you got them??? :)"

Happy to share! Most of my headbands come from an etsy shop called briar.claire. And hopefully you recognized the one from Vintage Rose Wraps. Love both of those stores. The quality and prices are great.

"Where did you get a CD of white noise? Does it help?"

YES, it helps! I made a CD myself of a free white noise download I found online. Just did a quickie google search until I found one.

Where did you get that awesome flooring?

THIS awesome flooring?

I LOVE it! It's from PepperLu. Just watch out, you'll want to buy everything in the store once you start looking...

Now excuse me as I feel the bug to visit some more thrift stores coming on ...


JaNae February 9, 2011 at 10:29 AM  

Can't wait to see the new props being used. :)

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