Friday, September 24, 2010


One of my readers left me a comment yesterday asking if I would go to another After Dark. Without question, YES! The next one is in New Orleans in November, which isn't possible for me, but the rumor is that they will be going to Arizona in January and I'm definitely planning on that one. And did I mention that the entire 4 days was only $400? And I shared the hotel room with my friend so that was only an additional $150 for the 3 nights. There is NO WAY another workshop of this type exists at that price. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. In fact I asked one of the mentors how in the world After Dark is profitable. At which point he started laughing and said, "Who says it is profitable? We don't make any money." He told me he paid his own way to get there and that After Dark is like a vacation to him. He goes because it is just fun. Not because there is any money to be made. Unbelievable. Especially considering the opportunity you are given to work with beautiful models and amazing mentors ~ plus the unlimited access you have to some truly fun equipment!

Last week I shared one of the images from my shoot with this model, but I wanted to share more. This was a session with mentor James Hays. We went to an abandoned hotel across the street where we were able to wander all over the place taking pictures. James shot with some pretty fun strobes ~ including an amazing ring light, but I loved how we were able to shoot available light over his shoulder and still get some beautiful pictures:

For some reason, after we had been shooting for about an hour, most of the other photographers in our group left and went back to the main hotel to join in on another session. I had been talking to someone else and when I turned around all that was left was 5 mentors and me. So I got a very one-on-one experience at that moment! Just me, the mentors, the model, and lots of gorgeous available light. I shot for at least another half hour and had a blast. From that point on I purposely tried to watch for other moments where mentors were alone or only had one or two people around them, because I loved having such personalized experiences. I had several of them throughout the week!

Isn't this model absolutely stunning?!

More ... much more ... of other shoots and other lesosns learned and other amazing models coming up next week ... hope you all don't get tired of hearing about After Dark!


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